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Dear Visitor:

Southern Balloon Distributors is a family owned business and has been one of the largest balloon distributors in Florida for more than 25 years. We have been dedicated to serving our customer's needs through pricing, availability of products, special requests and customer service.

We have over 1000 styles of balloons and we stock the finest brands such as Qualatex, M&D Industries, Anagram, Conwin and more. Electric inflators, ribbons and drop nets, balloon weights and confetti cannons are just a few of the accessories we sell.

Our customer base is extensive, we export daily to the Caribbean, South and Central America, and many other parts of the world.

If you have any questions or comments about our site, feel free to email us at:

Enjoy your visit,

Ginny Martin


What Customers Say:

We needed a lot of balloons for our son’s birthday party. We just didn’t want to buy packs. -Asher
My daughter’s sweet 16 was coming. She loves pink. We saw the selection, and our daughter just loved the colors. –Elliot
All we wanted were some balloons. I didn’t expect to see such a variety.  -Logan
We wanted to keep it a surprise. When everyone saw the balloons, they completely understood why we invited them over. IT’S A GIRL! -Rosalie
Didn’t know there was such a thing as a 3-D balloon. I had to come by and see it for myself. -Hudson
Our lovely daughter was turning 5. She wanted a princess theme party. Every one of her friends got a princess balloon around their wrist. -Liam
We wanted something more for the graduation party. We just searched on Google and noticed Southern Balloon Distributors. They were selling a black net for balloons, and we found our missing piece.  -Amelia
We had a friend who wanted to do some face painting, but couldn’t find the right tools. We referred him to Southern Balloon Distributors, and he got the right tools. -Sophia
Southern Balloon Distributors supplied us with some Spiderman balloons for our comic book theme party. -Jacob
I helped organize a rave, but we needed some balloons. I saw the Neon balloons and everyone was like get them. Thank you Southern Balloon Distributors.  -Sophia
From Mickey Mouse to Toy Story, you guys have it all.  -Mason
You guys helped my son give out his 1st Valentine. Thank you  -Emma
Thank you for the make-up for my little monsters.  -Noah
It’s a Boy! Thanks for the baby boy bootie balloons.   -Madison
I had a pirate themed birthday. Thanks for helping me make my son’s birthday a memorable one.   -Jayden
My daughter really liked your cupcake balloon. We have a picture of her hugging it.  -Ava
The Smile Face balloon put a smile on my son’s face.   -Michael
Your butterfly balloons are so cute. Lol  -Chloe
Halloween is coming. Thanks for helping me get prepared.   -Ethan
My daughter really loves your Abby Cadabby.   –Piper
Mickey fitted in so well for my son’s birthday.   -Bryce
Minnie fitted in so well for my daughter’s birthday.    -Sienna
Tinkerbell put a smile on my 6 year old.    -Justin
Your make-up lasted so long.    -Katherine
My kid got to be a tiger for Halloween   -Ryder
Your Snazaroo instructional DVD helped me make my daughter into a cat.   -Paige
Your skin jewelry was a good prize for my daughter’s birthday party.    -Bryson
Thanks for the paint, paint brushes and sponges. You guys have it all.    -Sadie
Your party beads helped me with my Mardi Gras party.   -Nathaniel
I like the Balloon Drop Kit. It was a joy at my daughter’s birthday party.    -Ada
I like the Balloon Drop Kit. It was a joy at my son’s birthday party.  -Aaron
I dropped the balloons at my New Year’s Eve and it just caught everyone by surprise. Thanks guys.   -Agata
The confetti came in handy for New Year’s Eve.   - Adam
The confetti came in handy for the piñata.    -Alejandra
The confetti was great for the kids.   -Alex
Your party bags were good for the kids to keep their candy –Ali
The favor bags were good for my 9 year olds party.  -Alyse
The decorations were easy to assemble.  -Amber
The inflator made it a whole lot easier to blow up the balloons.  -David
The inflator helped me make the balloon animals faster.   -Mike
I was able to make balloon animals for my son’s birthday.  -Amy
3 Minute Cheek Art was a great instructional book.    -Andy


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